Little Hill Farm LLC Partnership

 From Left to Right: Nutritionist, Daryl Maulfair;  Rich Hill,  Terry (Hill) and Kevin Shuey


Origin of Farm Name

Our grandparents, George Hill and Alice Little, married in 1938 in New Jersey.  They combined their family names to create their farm name: Little Hill Farm.  George passed away suddenly in 1976, and their milking herd of Brown Swiss was quickly dispersed to George Bassler.  Their son, Jim Hill, took over the farm and purchased Holsteins and Brown Swiss to start his own herd.  In 1987, Jim and his wife, Billie, moved their family and farm from Sussex County, New Jersey to Lebanon County, Pennsylvania due to development pressures.





In November 1994, Jim's son, Rich Hill, and daughter, Terry Shuey, and her husband, Kevin, formed a partnership.  At that time, they purchased the cows and limited equipment from Jim and Billie.  In May 1995, the partnership began milking 3 times a day to increase cash flow without too much more investment.  In January 2000, the partnership formed an agreement to purchase the 114-acre farm. 


In June 2001, Rich married Gale Klim, which expanded Little Hill Farm to a four-way partnership.   In October of the same year, Little Hill Farm purchased the neighbor's house, barn and six acres.  Rich, Gale and their family now reside in that home, and the dry cows are housed in the barn on that property. In June 2013, Gale left the partnership to seek off-farm employment, which returned the partnership to a three-way partnership.


In the summer of 2014, Kevin and Terry's son, Kyle, began working with Little Hill Farm full time and operating a custom machine hire business.  With the future generation showing signs of interest in farming, the process was started to permit for 3 broiler houses.  In the fall of 2015, all permits were obtained and the construction began for 2 broiler houses.  Chicks are scheduled to arrive in May 2016.



Areas of Expertise

In addition to third-generation farming experience under the Little Hill Farm name and formal education in agriculture and business, each member of this three-way partnership has his/her own concentrated area:




Areas of





Dairy and Heifer Rations

Crop Manager



Calf Raising


Brown Swiss Mating




Herd Health

AI Technician

Holstein Mating




  Primary Focus

One area of primary focus is Little Hill Farm's accelerated calf-raising program. Calves are fed three times a day on a regimen of 28% / 20% milk replacer; 22% starter; and 18% grower. It is our philosophy that this enhances our calves' growth, enabling us to meet our breeding goal sooner and freshen in heifers at 20 - 22 months at 1,250 pounds. This aggressiveness allows for internal herd growth, while still enabling us to merchandise our top-end pedigrees.








"When God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his

lot and be happy in

his work -- this is

gift of God."

Ecclesiastes 5:19



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