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Little Hill Exclaim Lady 4E93  4E93Mammary  *Certified*


Sire: R Hart EC Exclaim ET

4-07 365d 39741m 5.8% 2312f 3.0% 1196p

 6-00 365d 45560m 5.8% 2661f  3.1%1399p

  7-05 365d 41475m 5.5% 2280f  3.1% 1271p

8-10 365d 42537m 4.9% 2084f 2.9% 1253p


Lifetime to Date: 

364611milk  18192fat  11290protein



Dynasty son at New Generation Genetics:

Little Hill Ladys Man ET      54BS441


Agenda son at Select Sires:

Little Hill Ladys MVP ET     7BS828


         Power Surge son at Genex:           

Little Hill Ladys Charge    1BS582


Wonderment son at New Generation Genetics:

Little Hill Wonder Logan ET    54BS473


Wonderment son at Select Sires:

Little Hill Wonderment Lee   7BS845

Our first milking Ladysman daughter! 

6th place Jr. Two-Year Old at the

2010 All-American Dairy Show!

 Little Hill Ladysman Minda

2E90 2E91Mammary

4-0  365d  31866m 1297f  1074p

lifetime 152192m 6357f 5283p




Minda's Excellent




Daughters of Lady:


Power Surge-Little Hill LittleLady Twin VG86  VG85Mammary


4-1 305d 34377m 3.5% 1214f 2.9% 1005p





Legacy and Dynasty daughters pictured below




Daughters Sold:


Doug Fairbanks purchased Little Hill Agenda LadyLuck

in the 2007 National Convention Sale scored VG88 with E90MS


 RNR Swiss purchased Little Hill Dyn LadyLove ET

in the 2007 National Convention Sale


Little Hill Coll Lady VG86 purchased by Village View Dairy

in 2008 Springtime Show Window Sale


Lady's Daughter:

Little Hill Leg Lady in Red VG87

91 points in Stature/Strength


Sire: Blessing Mort Laura Legacy

    1-10 365d 26115m 3.9%  1013f  3.2% 833p

    3-04 365d 32263m 4.2% 1367f 3.3% 1052p

  4-06 365d  37928m 3.9% 1490f  3.2% 1213p 


Daughters of Lady in Red:

 Little Hill Agenda Ladybird fresh with second calf at

2 years 8 months on Jan. 2, 2010 with a Wonderment heifer.

She scored VG85 with VG87Mammary at 2-09

(only three weeks fresh)


 Little Hill PS Lilac ET EX91  EX90Mammary

fresh 8/14/12 with Brookings heifer

2-11  365d  31580m  1208f  1028p


Little Hill D Lavender ET VG85 VG85Mammary

1-11  365d  32657m  1180f   982p 


Little Hill Denver Laurel ET +83

3-02  296d  27865m  1174f  862p


Lady's Daughter:


Little Hill First Lady-ET


(Full sister to LadysMan)

3-08 365d 32325m   4.1% 1305f 3.4% 1106p



 Daughters of First Lady:


  Agenda Larissa +84 projected over 26,000


Wonderment Ladybug VG86  VG86Mammary @ 2-01

1-08  288d  20737m  873f  682p

 Dodge Ladylark VG85

 Solution Ladyluck VG88


Lady's Dam & Pedigree:


Wind Mill SB Licorice ET  3E91  3E90Mammary *Certified*

5-07 365d 34780m 1335f  1114p

Lifetime 177286m 7050f 5930p


Sire: Mort Jade Starbuck



 Lady's 3rd Dam: Wind Mill Emory Lollie ET E91 E90MS *Certified*


Lady's 4th Dam: C O W Telstar Lady V86 V87MS Certified*


Lady's 5th Dam:  Sunny View Lady Dianna V85 V87Mammary


Lady's 6th Dam: Sunny View Improved Lady 5E90  *ELITE*





"When God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his

lot and be happy in

his work -- this is

gift of God."

Ecclesiastes 5:19



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