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Lyttle-Hyll Emperor Jiggles 2E93  2E93Mammary

Sire: Rocky-Vu Emperor-ET 

Lifetime   235095milk   8501fat   6941protein


Foundation to many of the Holsteins in our herd


Jiggles' Maternal Sister:

Lyttle-Hyll Eland Jewel 2E91  2E93Mammary


5-11  305d  27253m  3.9%  1075f  3.1%  832p

Lifetime 137706milk  5394fat  4239protein


Jiggles' Daughter:

Lyttle-Hyll Hamlin Junction VG89



5-08  305d  28507m  3.3%  934f  3.1%  871p

 Lifetime 141349milk  4764fat  4184protein


Junction's Daughter: Racer Jenny VG86  VG86Mammary


Jiggles' Daughter:

Lyttle-Hyll Durham JJ-ETS 2E91 EX90Mammary



1-07 365d  26666m   3.3%   879f   3.1%   836p

4-04  305d 30671m  3.3% 1004f  3.1% 941p


Jiggles' Daughter:

Lyttle-Hyll Nevada Jordan 2E90


7-08   265d   27978m   3.2%   888f   2.9%   823p

Lifetime 195789milk  6430fat  5746protein


Jordan's Daughter:


Jo's Daughter:

Lyttle-Hyll Forbidden Jo 2E91 EX91Mammary GMD

5-01  365d  40574m  3.4%  1379f  3.2%  1285p

Lifetime 140004milk  4673fat  4329protein


Jo's milking daughters:  

Magna Jody EX90 EX90Mammary (Pictured below)

Million Jordana VG85  VG88Mammary

Pronto JoJo VG88  VG88Mammary

Difference Joan +83 

Dex Jolene +82


Difference's daughter: O-Bee Jonah VG88 

Lyttle-Hyll Magna Jody EX90 EX90Mammary

4-08 305d  38591m 3.1%  1214f  3.0%  1152p


Jody is the fourth generation homebred Excellent!



Jody's Daughters:  

Marsh Joni VG87

Granger Jolee VG87 EX90Mammary


Jody's Granddaughter:

Jiggles Pedigree:


Dam: So-N-So Vanguard Jade E91  GMD

Lifetime 256900m  9022f  7433p


2nd Dam: Y-Brookside Jockey Jewel 532 V86 

Lifetime 187530m  5192f  5275p


3rd Dam:Y-Brookside Chairman 298 V85

Lifetime 157190m  5421f  5127p


4th Dam: Y-Brookside Van 220 V85

Lifetime 113830m  4777f  4166p


5th dam: Y-Brookside Betty 87-Twin V86

Lifetime 168490m  6237f  4127p


6th Dam: Wa-Ke Y-Brookside Betsy E90

Lifetime 247000m  9550f


7th Dam: Wa-Ke Betsy Ford E92

Lifetime 283641m  10949f






"When God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his

lot and be happy in

his work -- this is

gift of God."

Ecclesiastes 5:19



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