Other Brown Swiss Families


Little Hill Prestige Mindy VG90 EX89Mammary




Mindy's Maternal Sister:

Little Hill Scipio Mallory VG88 VG88Mammary

 1-11  365d  28888m  4.5%  1298f  3.6%  1036p


Daughters of Mindy:  


Little Hill Polly Minnie Twin VG86 VG86Mammary

4-04  305d  33858m  1158f  992p





Little Hill Polly Mouse Twin +83

2-09  365d  32640m  1318f  1082p


Mindy's Daughter:

Little Hill Ladysman Minda 2E91 2E92Mammary
2-07 365d  30867m  4.5%  830f  3.4%  1382p 

Daughters of Minda:


Power Surge Melissa VG87 VG87Mammary


Vigor Mars Twin VG88  EX90Mammary


Vigor Mercury Twin VG87


 Left: Vigor Mars  

Right: Vigor Mercury

February 2013 Carter daughter of Vigor Mercury

AI Contract

Mindy's Dam: Little Hill Emerald Midge VG89 E90Mammary

 5-08 365d  36656m  4.7% 1712f  3.7% 1370p

Lifetime 171267m  7769f  6144p



Mindy's Granddam: Little Hill Ensign Maria ET VG85

1-09   305d   18146m   4.3%   774f   3.4%   616p


Mindy's Great Granddam:

 Little Hill Telstar Madene 3E91  *ELITE*

7-05 305d  33130m  3.9% 1277f  3.5% 1173p

Lifetime 173220m   7104f   6143p

Little Hill Emerald Regina 2E93 2E94Mammary

6-09  365d  50947m  5.3% 2728f  3.2% 1617p


Lifetime 233914milk 10874fat  7735protein


Daughters of Regina:


Zeus Rejoice VG87 VG88Mammary


Agenda Reggi VG87  VG86Mammary


Parker Rena +83 @ 2-01


Wonderment Risa 2E90 2E91Mammary

3-11  305d  24999m  4.4%  1101f   3.4%  858p


Vigor Rebecca VG88

VG88 Mammary

3-09 365d 27634m  1299f 1043p




Regina's Dam: Little Hill Reva Twin V88

Lifetime 132950m  5155f  4707


Regina's Granddam: Little Hill Simon Robin V88 *Certified*


Regina's 3rd Dam: Shady Creek Robin Randi 2E90

Lifetime 137820m  5612f  4797p


Regina's 4th Dam: CIE Shady Creek Reba Robin V87


  Little Hill Dynasty Litto VG88  VG88Mammary

4-09  365d 37612m  3.7% 1398f   3.2% 1204p


Litto's Daughter:  Little Hill Agend Lightning VG85

4-01  280d   25512m  1081f  813p


Milking daughter: Charge Light VG87 VG88Mammary


 Litto's Daughter:

Little Hill Zeus Lovable EX90 EX90Mammary @ 3-00

 2-08 266d  25368m  833f   769p


2010 PA Jr 2-Year Old Bell Ringer

2012 District II Chese Yield Winner


Milking daughter: Power Surge Likable +84

1-08  299d  23166m   850f   744p



Litto's Daughter:


  Little Hill Perimeter LeSean VG86 VG87Mammary

1-10   286d   21374m   798f   694p






"When God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his

lot and be happy in

his work -- this is

gift of God."

Ecclesiastes 5:19



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